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In this video, I wanted to show the Sanding Station I just made. The building video will be here very soon, please follow.

The sanding station consists of two parts. The first part is belt sanding. The second is disc sanding. A 150cmx5cm sanding belt is used as a belt sander. In the disc sanding, an 18cm diameter circle sandpaper is used. It is possible to adjust the sanding angle in both sections.

As a motor, I used 2850 RPM 0.55kW motor.

Belt Sander Motor.jpg

Making Video :

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Introduction Video :

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PDF Download : Sanding Machine PDF
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After watching this video, you can make a Benchtop Sander Table easily. You can download dimension PDF
Start by downloading a PDF template from the link. Print PDF TEMPLATE. Then perform the operations on the video. I hope you enjoy it.
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