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_Perfect Chisel Sharpening Tool

Perfect Chisel Sharpening Tool

Make this practical and easy-to-make chisel sharpening jig to perfectly sharpen your woodworking tools!

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_Simple Knife Sharpener Jig

Simple Knife Sharpener Jig

With this simple knife sharpening tool, you can sharpen your knives to razor sharpness. It is very easy to make and only takes a few minutes.

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_Cross&Miter Cutting Station 2024

Cross & Miter Cutting Station 2024

A practical and economical solution for those interested in woodworking! By making your own Miter Cutting Station, you can make perfect cuts between 0 and 90 degrees, and

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_Circular Cutting Jig for Routers

Circular Cutting Jig for Routers

Build your own router circle cutter! In this DIY video, I will show you step-by-step how to make a practical jig that will allow you to cut perfect circles of any size wi

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_Drill Powered Circular Saw

Drill Powered Circular Saw

Circular Saw I made using an old saw blade.It gets its power from the drill.

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_Circular Saw Cross Cut Guide

Circular Saw Cross Cut Guide

My newly designed Circular Saw Guide. It turned out to be a simple and very useful circular saw guide.

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_T-Track Router Bit - DIY

T-Track Router Bit - DIY

I decided to do it myself. For this, I used a 10mm leaf drill bit that I had at hand. The result was even better than I expected.

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_Router Jig - Linear Template

Router Jig - Linear Template

I made a template for routers. Mostly used for linear channel. It can even be used to drill large holes. It has a simple and adjustable structure. You can make perfect da

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_Table Saw Miter Sled

Table Saw Miter Sled

I am making a table saw miter sled using plywood. It's a great tool for making full 45 degree cuts on a table saw.

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