Multi-Purpose Folding Wooden Tool Box

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Sometimes I have to take my tools out of the workshop. I needed a toolbox for this. So I decided to make one out of wood. I decided to make a bag of 2 layers and 3 boxes. I designed the box myself. I started by cutting 10mm birch plywood. I glued the plywood with wood glue and fixed it with nails. I used 3mm birch plywood for the bottom of the boxes and for the cover. The doors have a sliding system. I used a hard cylindrical wood as the handle of the bag. When you turn the handle up, the boxes and lids are locked so there is no risk of opening while carrying. When the box was finished, I saw that it was lighter than I expected. That way, I'll be able to put a lot more tools in it and carry it. Also, I can use it to carry not only workshop tools but also other things, I have made a multi-purpose mobile tool box.





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